Pelvic Awareness: Pelvic Floor Yoga-Softening Your Pelvic Floor

with Stephanie Sandleben

Class Description: 

Join Stephanie Sandleben for an 1 part of an intimate 3-class series that will focus on pelvic awareness through the use of breath practices, therapeutic yoga postures, and guided meditation.  Pelvic Floor Yoga ™ is an approach to alleviating pelvic floor conditions, including urinary incontinence and pelvic pain through yoga asanas.

Each class will include a brief anatomy lecture along with movement dedicated to exploring and stabilizing this vital center.  This series is open to all-levels of yoga practitioners who are curious about their pelvic health and/or experiencing pelvic and lower back pain, painful intercourse, incontinence, prolapse, and digestive issues.

The sequences covered will specifically address the pelvic floor both in strengthening and releasing the muscles that abide there.  Each class will build on the previous session so full attendance is encouraged.

Suggested Props:

For class optional props include 2 yoga blocks, a chair, a blanket, and any cozy things like blankets, cushions, towels, warms socks, and eye covers you’d like for savasana. If you don’t have blocks and you want them, whatever you have in your home to help bring the ground closer to you will do, stacks of books, sanitizer containers, be creative!

Stephanie’s Cause: 

All donations go to Stephanie’s chosen nonprofit National Network of Abortion Funds to help them further their mission of supporting people seeking abortion access. Together, NNAF is organizing at the crossroads of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.