*All yoga classes are donation based with all proceeds going towards the causes that matter most to our teachers

Class Descriptions:

Live Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

with Anna del Castillo

 Monday 10/23 7:15 pm CT
Class will be held virtually and in person at Vibez Fit River North!
Class Description
Show This vinyasa style class connects breath to movement and is suitable for all levels. During class, expect to feel empowered to listen to your body, tune into your breath, and find strength through movement. The first 20 people to arrive to live class with get to experience the healing, whole body vibrations of Power Plates for 10 minutes prior to class.

Stretch + Restore

with Rachel Hessen Connelly

 1st + 3rd Friday of every month 12:00 pm CT
Virtual class returning 10/20!
Class Description
Show A 45 minute class consisting primarily of floor postures with longer held stretches focused on the legs, hips, back, and neck. Class will end with a guided meditation intended to encourage a sense of calm and peacefulness. The intention behind this class is for students to finish the practice feeling relaxed and restored.

Recorded Class Descriptions

Pelvic Awareness: A 3 Part Pelvic Floor Yoga Series

with Stephanie Sandleben

Class DescriptionShow Join Stephanie Sandleben for an intimate 3-class series that will focus on pelvic awareness through the use of breath practices, therapeutic yoga postures, and guided meditation.  Pelvic Floor Yoga ™ is an approach to alleviating pelvic floor conditions, including urinary incontinence and pelvic pain through yoga asanas.    Each class will include a brief anatomy lecture along with movement dedicated to exploring and stabilizing this vital center.  This series is open to all-levels of yoga practitioners who are curious about their pelvic health and/or experiencing pelvic and lower back pain, painful intercourse, incontinence, prolapse, and digestive issues.    The sequences covered will specifically address the pelvic floor both in strengthening and releasing the muscles that abide there. 

Morning Hour Yoga

with Jennifer Brilliant

Class DescriptionShow Jennifer teachers a slow, focused yoga class with constant attention to detail and the depth of practice. You can expect to be encouraged, engaged and challenged. These classes will help you build a foundation of practice and deepen the knowledge you already have. All levels are welcome.

Mindful Vinyasa

with Jenny Kaufman

Journey Through the Body:
The Hastas (Hands)
Class DescriptionShow In Mindful Vinyasa, the goal is to create a practice that utilizes the components of a strong Vinyasa yoga while flowing with more awareness. This practice leaves students feeling energized, refreshed, inspired, and safe.


with Margi Young

Restorative with Breath Awareness
Class DescriptionShow In this one hour class, Margi will guide you into several supported poses and offer ideas about unwinding the nervous system. You will leave the mat deeply restored and ready to carry on with more clarity and ease.

All Levels Yoga

with Gloria Athanis

Class DescriptionShow Coming at you from Vibez Fit Power Plate Studio in River North Chicago, this class is a slow flow but moves with the attempt to fit needs of ALL kinds of students, beginners and seasoned. We build sequences that can easily be advanced for the seasoned yogis and slowed down for the ones who first come to try. The last 15 minutes we’ll focus on restorative and recovery poses. Those joining in person, will experience this part of the class using whole body vibration on Power Plates. Special thanks to Farmer’s Fridge for providing their fresh convenient meals as a grab and go for our yogis. All donations from this class will support Female Strong, an amazing non-profit that offers grade school and high school girls hands on programs, mentorships and experiences that build their confidence to propel them to become future leaders.

Nourishing Your Inner Child

with Anna Maddelein

Class DescriptionShow A 45 minute flowy and playful class to tap into you and your inner child! Class will be closed with a few guided journal prompts to deeply connect to your inner child.

Celebrate a Full Bloom Heart

with Rachel Scott

Class DescriptionShow The solstice is here and it’s time to celebrate the warmth of the season as well as our own hearts! Carve out some sacred space in your day to practice some yummy self-care, nourishing self-connection, and soulful expansion. In this 75-minute practice, we will bot rejuvenate the body as well as reconnect into the hone of our hearts. You can expect expanding asana, settling pranayama, and uplifting meditation.

Yoga with a Splash of InterPlay

with Diane Rawlinson

Class DescriptionShow Class will begin and end with interactive InterPlay community building activities to create a sense of ease with one another, and with the self.   We will embrace a mindful restorative yoga asana series with plenty of variations for all level of participants.   Come with an open mind and release expectations of what it might be…and allow yourself the experience of being in the moment of what is.

Vinyasa Flow

with Stefanie Coslow

Class DescriptionShow We will breath, move, flow stretch and perhaps even sweat with plenty of time for relaxation. All levels welcome, modifications encouraged!!

Warrior Flow

with Maria Rosner

Class DescriptionShow Warriors are defenders of those who may be unable to fight for themselves.  In this inspired vinyasa sequence, we will tap Into our Inner strength, resolve and courage as we move and breathe together.  We will emphasize balance and power emanating from our core, while maintaining a steady flow of breath to create ease and grace In our movements.  Options and variations will be offered for all levels. 

Mobility, Breath and Movement for Runners

with Maggie Umberger

Class DescriptionShow In this 45-minute class, we’ll begin with breathing exercises to create space from the inside, and progress into movement designed for runners to help you recover from your training while maintaining the necessary strength you need to hit the pavement! We’ll with a few yummy restorative postures for the nervous system to end your day on a high note.

Power for the Troops, in Honor of Noah

with Laura Maynard

Class DescriptionShow Laura has dedicated this Power Yoga class to her cousin, Master Sergeant Noah Feehan, who is fighting terminal brain cancer most likely due to exposure to burn pits while deployed in the military. This 60 minute class will be accessible to all and designed to stoke your inner fire (tapas) so that you can show up more fully for yourself and in this world.
Burn PitsShow To watch a clip on how the military’s use of burn pits has destroyed the lives of countless service men, women, and their families while denying responsibility click here.
PACT ActShow While the PACT Act provides a presumption that some illnesses connected to burn pits are service related (including Noah’s) and has allowed for VA benefits as of 8/10/22, the Department of Defense has yet to follow suit.
Noah’s Story ♥️⁠

Monday Mantra Slow Flow

with Sammy Conrad

Class DescriptionShow Each class will be paired with a mantra, inspiring the way we move through a Vinyasa based class. This all-levels class pairs inspiring words with mindful movement.

Mindful Movement & Stretch

with Rose Sunila

Class DescriptionShow Mindful Movement & Stretch is a calm, grounded practice for all wishing to create softness and ease in their bodies. The class stays low to the ground, and will gently move and stretch the body. Our goal is to turn inwards, welcome all sensations present in the body, and allow the sensations to inform our practice, and cultivate a felt sense of empowerment. This class ties together yoga and somatic exploration. Have a blanket and yoga blocks (or similar objects) available for our practice.

Yin Yoga: A Doorway to Self-Regulation

with Zac Crawford

Class DescriptionShow There’s so much in this life that we can’t control… In this non-moving class, students will experience 6 or 7 main yin yoga postures which will help work into the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds our muscles and bones. There’s also a mental benefit of sitting with breath and simply observing it. The goal is to practice self-regulation and learn how to get more comfortable with being slightly uncomfortable. Students will get opportunities to practice self-regulation through objective observation of the natural breath. This can help lead to detachment from any judgements or feelings that arise from unconscious thought patterns of the mind or sensations in the body. This way, when life comes at you fast, you better understand how you can see more clearly so that your mind and body don’t react.

Alchemy of Ashtanga: The Five Foundations of Practice

with MaKenzie Fly

Class DescriptionShowThis special class will take you through a shortened version of the Ashtanga primary series followed by a mini workshop on the five foundations of practice (breath, bandhas, drishti, vinyasa, and upekka). When you understand and implement these five fundamental components, your practice transforms from choppy and clumsy to fluid and graceful. The alchemy of ashtanga is allowing the practice to reshape how you relate yourself, others, and the world. There are no prerequisites to joining this class, you only need open ears, a willingness to try, and a receptive heart. All levels and ages are welcome. 

Yoga for Pelvic Floor & Core

with Dana Podell

 Class DescriptionShow This two-part workshop will focus on restoring stability and flexibility to the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles using therapeutic yoga asanas and class sequencing. Students will gain a wonderful understanding of the anatomy of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as a unique opportunity to connect to these parts of the body through yoga postures and introspective meditation. This is the perfect workshop for beginner students, pre/post-natal women, or even experienced yoga practitioners who love to dive deep into yoga anatomy and philosophy.

Vinyasa Flow

with Debbie Muraff

Class DescriptionShow A 45 minute vinyasa flow to focus the mind with movement, breathing, and deep stretching.

Level 2

with Alece Demaray

Class DescriptionShow A faster paced class that includes more advanced posture variation options, including arm balances and inversions. This class is accessible to both beginners and seasoned yogis. While a basic knowledge of foundational yoga poses is beneficial, it is not required. Come to be challenged but remember it is about the process and not perfection.

Functional Power

with Holly O’Donnell

Class DescriptionShow This class is a challenging mix of traditional vinyasa poses and functional movements. You can look forward to  fun transitions and lots of room to explore your mind, body, and different variations.

Yin Yoga Series for Lower Back

with Masako Miyakawa

Class DescriptionShowYin yoga helps to stimulate, lengthen and strengthen connective tissues of myofascia, tendons and ligaments, to help promote ease of movements and healthy range of motion. Each 45 minute class will target specific areas of the body.

Power Yoga

with Courtney Marincsin

Class DescriptionShow Flow with Courtney for a 45 minute power yoga flow that incorporates body weight exercises and core conditioning for an athletic yoga experience.

Monday Mantra Slow Flow

with Tsha Marie

Class DescriptionShow Join Tsha in creating a mantra to guide your practice and inspire your week ahead! When we move and breath, we give life and energy to our words.

Vinyasa Yoga

with Jenna Morris

Class DescriptionShow An all levels flow and a full body experience!

Stretch + Restore

with Rachel Hessen Connelly

Class DescriptionShow A class consisting primarily of floor postures with longer held stretches focused on the legs, hips, back, and neck. Class will end with a guided meditation intended to encourage a sense of calm and peacefulness. The intention behind this class is for students to finish the practice feeling relaxed and restored.

Mindful Flow

with Nicole Belica

Class DescriptionShow This all levels mindful flow is designed to meet you where you are at in your practice. You have time and space to mindfully move through yoga postures. There will be integration of breath work, meditation to support this 45 minute experience.

Tantra Yoga Through the Moon Cycles

with Clare Crowley

Class DescriptionShow This workshop, led by licensed astrologist Clare Crowley, parallels the moon cycle, beginning with the New Moon, we explore her wisdom, while moving through sequences inspired by Tantra and Kriya Yoga. Reconnect to personal power, limitlessness and divinity by exploring subtle energies within the body to enhance spiritual growth and physical well-being.

Rest with Me (Restorative Yoga)

with Alessandra Poroj

Class DescriptionShow This is a very gentle practice and can be engaged by all practitioner levels: new to seasoned. The practice utilizes lots of props to cradle the body in restful poses to experience deep rest and relaxation. We start with gentle movement to release restless or busy energy and then into no more than 4 restorative poses. Variations are offered. Poses are held 5-20 mins. 

Strong Flow

with Greg Cawley

Class DescriptionShow A 45 min class that will be a steady (not too fast flow) with an emphasis on form and will be more strength than flexibility based with maybe a couple of arm balances thrown in for fun. Class will start slow and gentle and rise in intensity, then slow down, eventually ending with savasana.

Yin & Yang Yoga for Spring

with Kristin Schleich

Class DescriptionShow The spring equinox is March 20, 2022, a time of equal light and darkness, and a time of transition as the world moves away from winter and into spring. This 45 minute all levels class will focus on balancing the mind and body during this transitional month of March. 20 minutes of gentle movement (yin) followed by 20 minutes of active movement (yang) and ending with a meditative rest. The intention is for students to feel more in tune with themselves and the natural world. 

Power Flow Yoga

with Lauren Massarella

Class DescriptionShow Lauren’s all levels class will have you feeling strong, perhaps a little sweaty, connected, and centered. Class begins with seated postures and stretching, eventually transitioning to a Power Flow Yoga. Legs, glutes, and core are often the focus of her class mixed within flowing from pose to pose, holding postures, core work, and practicing balance. Class will conclude with a cozy savasana and meditation. You can count on a great playlist to help set the vibe from the beginning to end.Blocks are highly recommended.

Sweet Flow and Stretch

with Patti Lupo

Class DescriptionShow In this 45 minute class we’ll move sweetly and calmly through movements designed to open up the body and restore serenity and balance to the body and the heart.

Rise and Shine Flow

with Meghan Ruiz

Class DescriptionShow Start the day right with a warming, energizing flow. Class will start with an intention that you can take into the rest of your day. We’ll ease into a fun, thoughtful sequence that will wake up, prepare the body, and set the tone for the rest of the day!

Golden Restore

with Dana Podell

Class DescriptionShow A blend of gentle restorative yoga with slow flow vinyasa. Allow the evenings during the week to be your golden hour, your time to restore the body’s energy and vitality. This class will guide you through movement and breath work so that you can easily unwind from your day and feel connected to your true self.

Yoga for EveryBody

with Christine Lang

Class DescriptionShow Need flexibility in your life (literally and figuratively)? Start your day with Yoga for EveryBody! Christine guides every BODY through a 45 minute gentle, nurturing, morning yoga practice, focusing on self-care and self love. Christine leads students through a series of deep stretches with fluid breathwork…all on the mat…no standing poses. This is a perfect class for those who are new to yoga, students recovering from injury, athletes who seek flexibility, weekend warriors, or those who just need to take pause and connect with their innerselves. Christine concludes class with pranayama, meditation, and inspiration to encourage a joyful, yet peaceful day…Leave class feeling light and love.

Abundance Vinyasa!

with Cristian Pavel

Class DescriptionShow Bringing out that inner fire with powerful poses that invigorate our vitality! 

Bhakti On & Off the Mat

with Sarah Wirth

Class DescriptionShow Classes will include guided breathing, movement, chanting, and yogic scripture readings. roughout this 3-part series, we will examine and discuss chapter 6 of the Bhagavad Gita and how these teachings apply to both our mindful movement practice and to our lives o our mats. Each class in this series will build on one another, so full attendance is encouraged – however, attendance at any class is welcome! 

Self Compassion Workshop

with Molly Black

Class DescriptionShow Join us for a gentle flow followed by a loving-kindness Meditation. During this workshop you will learn the three pillars of Self-Compassion and how to use them in everyday life.

Fundamentals of Play

with Emma Kury

Class DescriptionShow In this class, we’ll unearth and explore a space, a perspective and an aspect of play. As much as this is a physical Asana class, it is a mindful one as well using poses and sequences for all levels to inspire a new dynamic in the practice whether truly beginner or quite experienced.

Slow Flow

with Hayley Jones

Class DescriptionShow An all levels 60 minute slow flow yoga class focused on releasing and recharging your body. This class is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. We will warm up and move through a full body flow synced to breathe and intention. This is a great way to unwind and let go of your work day.

Power Yoga

with Bhavya Kohli

Class DescriptionShow A 45 min power vinyasa designed to make you love and appreciate your very able body, and yourself, a tiny bit more.
Want more? Find Bhavya here.

Stretch + Restore

with Kristin Schleich

Class DescriptionShow A class consisting primarily of floor postures with longer held stretches focused on the legs, hips, back, and neck. Class will end with a guided meditation intended to encourage a sense of calm and peacefulness. The intention behind this class is for students to finish the practice feeling relaxed and restored.

Hatha Chandra Namaskar

with Tsha Marie

Class DescriptionShow Join Tsha for a traditional Hatha Chandra Namaskar class! Ha (sun) Tha (moon) yoga is the original yoga of the asanas (postures). Life is a mix of dualities.  Sun-Moon, Hot-Cold, Winter-Summer, Yin-Yang, Positive-Negative, motion-emotion, coffee-wine : ) Hatha yoga asks us to celebrate both and find balance somewhere in the middle. We’ll start with pranayama (breath work), mantra, flow through Hatha style surya namaskar (sun salutations) with mantras for each posture and add variations arriving at a peak pose. This is not a fast paced vinyasa style class but don’t let that fool you, you’ll still be challenged physically while elevating your awareness, concentration and focus. 

Slow Flow

with LaNae Plaxico

Class DescriptionShow A slower paced yoga flow that will help you settle deeper into the physical practice of yoga as well as soothe the heart and mind with an attentive mindfulness practice. Students will build strength, focus, and compassion for the self all while moving through accessible and fun movement sequences.

Power Yoga Lab

with Laura Maynard

Class DescriptionShow This all levels class pairs faster paced breath to movement vinyasa yoga with strength training drills and mobility movement and includes optional arm balances and inversions. This class is accessible to both beginners and seasoned yogis, while a basic knowledge of foundational yoga poses is beneficial, it is not required.

Meditation Station

Healing and Hope: A 30 Minute Meditation for Women

with Kate Ryan

Class DescriptionShowJoin Kate for a 30 minute meditation focused on the hope and healing of the women in our communities, in our lives, and in ourselves. All levels welcome- no prior experience needed!


with Rachel Hessen Connelly

Excerpt from Stretch + Restore

Gratitude Meditation

with Laura Maynard

Excerpt from The Sea Change Collective


with Kristin Schleich

Excerpt from Stretch + Restore

Yoga Props & Home Substitutes

Often in class, props are utilized to both aid in making postures more accessible, as well as making them more stimulating. The props that are often used in class are listed below, as well as good at home substitutes if you don’t have the props handy:

Yoga Blocks: stacks of books, tall disinfectant wipe containers
Yoga Strap: regular belt, long scarf
Bolster: a few stacked pillows or towels
Yoga Blanket: any afghan, thinner blanket, or large towel
Sliders: socks on hardwood/tile,
paper plates/ziplock bags on carpet
Danda/Dowel Rod: any long stick such as a broom,
swiffer handle, cane, or walking stick
Ball: massage ball, tennis ball, any small ball
Pleasant Add Ons: essential oils or eye pillow,
you can substitute a folded hand towel for the eye pillow

Get creative and improvise, what do you have available in your home?!?